About Me

Hi my name is Connor! I am a freelance photographer and owner of Asylum Apparel – a unique home decor and clothing company. I’m currently living in Central Florida with my beautiful, creative wife, and adventurous 4 year old daughter. My day to day can be quite the struggle as I deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and at times severe depression. If it wasn’t for my supportive family and good music I would be a mess. One of my favorite outlets is video games… in particular Skyrim. It’s safe to say I’m somewhat obsessed lol. I’m a musician at heart and love making music and writing lyrics. I lean towards heavier music although I can enjoy and appreciate almost any genre. I care deeply for the LGBTQ community and will always stand for human rights as well as civil and political rights. I have a very exciting life and am full of thoughts and opinions that I would love to talk about with anyone willing to listen. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and getting to know a little bit more about me. Thank you!